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John McLaughlin - This is the way I do it

John McLaughlin - This is the way I do it

10.7 GB | DVD | 720x480 | 03:40:54

(3-DVD set) Leave it to John McLaughlin to revolutionize how guitar improvisation is taught to the masses. This is the Way I Do It is a DVD landmark. It is the first music instruction DVD to use the full capabilities of the medium. Displayed for all of the chapters are three camera views, the left-hand, the right-hand and a score so that the player can follow along.

Subtitled in five different languages for worldwide application. This three DVD set is not for beginning guitarists. You will need to have a working knowledge of scales to take advantage of the instruction right out of the box. This DVD is designed to help all guitar players, beginning improvisers and even the best professional players, find their own improvisational voices. Each DVD introduces a new level of skill. To master each level, and thus each DVD, will require the student at least one year of his or her time. This is not some video game. It is serious teaching. Yet, the instruction is presented in the most personal of ways. You will get to know John McLaughlin. (This is especially true after you have viewed the hilarious bonus outtakes). Filming was aided by many capable people including technicians and advisers from Apple Computer. It is beautifully filmed and recorded, cogently correlated and even has an interface with McLaughlin's website. Its format will become the gold standard of instructional DVD's. NTSC all region. 3 hours and 40 minutes.

John McLaughlin - This is the way I do it


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